Every Nebraska ghost town has a story

From the Scottsbluff Star-Herald:

Maybe there is something odd in spending a weekend driving through largely uninhabited sections of prairie and farmland looking for failed towns. To some, it might seem morbid. But to others who have made a pastime out of it, there is real pleasure in hunting down ghost towns.

To drive out to these towns and photograph them and put together a story about it (forthcoming in the Lifestyle section of Sunday’s Star-Herald) preserves them in a way.

Someone has to — when all the people are gone it’s just the buildings against nature and they won’t fare too well.

Happy Halloween! Here’s a neat story and slideshow on ghost towns in the Nebraska panhandle from Scottsbluff Star-Herald reporter Bart Schaneman, whom you can follow on tumblr.

This is cool. NET is Nebraska’s NPR and PBS station. They do great work with radio, TV and online.